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Still looking at this September 1 eclipse in Virgo, Jupiter will conjoin Mercury, a planet that is your ruler, so you will see that professional changes will work to your favor,. With four heavenly bodies in your house of home—the new moon and Sun, Jupiter and Mercury - something will be finished, and you will need to turn away from vital projects in your career to address home or family-related matters.

This may not be easy to do, as you seem to have a lot on your plate at work.

A Day of Gazing Into the Future With Astrology Queen Susan Miller and Her Biggest Fans

If your home is not the focus, you may be thinking about one of your parents, and how you can best assist your mother or father who seems to need you advice and possible solution at this time. Neptune will be prominent in your career house, we need to study a rare aspect that will bring Saturn in hard angle to Neptune on June 17 and September Saturn is all about setting up structure, being practical and objective, and relying on facts. Neptune is about amazing creativity, dreams and visions, and powerful intuition.

These two planets are very different in nature, but it appears Saturn will be insistent, so for now, you may have to take a practical, realistic approach when it comes to presenting your artistic Ideas to influential people whose approvals you need.

Saturn will ask you to be practical when the financial types ask you to tighten your financials and slim down the scale of your project if you are to get your project funded and produced this year. This can be devastating news. You got a taste of this aspect ,Saturn in hard angle to Neptune, on November 26, a few months prior to the advent of Perhaps if you can think back you will get a sign of what is to come near June 17 and September Learn that, and you will have a golden ticket into any company.

The pressure to condense projects, most likely to save money, will come off and calm down after September , one month after the last challenge of Saturn and Neptune on September You would have the option of waiting or shopping your idea to another company, but you are likely to encounter the same type response wherever you go all year, at least until the last three months of when things should improve. Sometimes the universe challenges you to be flexible - but who would be better than a mutable, adaptable Gemini to step up to the plate?

Susan Miller on What to Do While Mercury Is Retrograde

As discussed earlier in our report, Jupiter will leave Virgo on September 9 and enter another rsign. Jupiter will head into Libra to bring the romance in your life to full, fragrant bloom. Jupiter will summon Cupid and his little fleet of angels - have faith dear Gemini that you CAN find happiness. There are many indications that you will take our social life more seriously from now on, and be willing to find the time to date if single, or to get married this year if you have been dating a long time. Jupiter will be traveling in Libra, the quintessential marriage sign.

I will address married couples in a moment. No matter if you are single or attached, from September on, you will be the most favored of all signs to find true and enchanting love, and to nurture it, and see it grow. Over the past three years, your love sector was under challenging aspects, but this year the universe is about to make a correction and give you plenty of opportunity to find love.

Astrological Sign: Gemini

If you are attached and hope for a baby, hosting Jupiter in your fifth house is considered one of the very best places to have Jupiter—try for conception in the last quarter of this year, with October your best month. If you cannot succeed, see fertility expert while you will have Jupiter in the fifth house, September 9, to October 10, If you already have your children, Jupiter will allow you to help your child, perhaps to develop an innate talent.

You will alwo have more fun together, perhaps when you find you have enough money to bring the children wit you on a whirlwind trip to Europe. The luckiest day of will occur on September 25, plus or minus one day, when the mighty Sun and Jupiter will align perfectly. Like two old buddies, they will meet for an elegant lunch to discuss how they can help you, and they always choose a new place to meet.

This year these two distinguished men - Jupiter and the Sun - looked in their restaurant guide, and have chosen to meet in Libra, in your house of true love.

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If you have a first date, choose this date, September 25 or the days that fall over the weekend leading to this date. If you are choosing a date to see a fertility expert, this is your day. If you were getting engaged, this would be a great day to do it. If you are not ready to wed but were thinking of moving in together do it on September Notebooks are provided, and the audience dutifully takes notes throughout.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

On the page, she is notoriously prolific — her predictions amount to 30, to 48, words each month. We hear a lot about one of her daughters, who works for James Corden in Los Angeles, and we learn even more about Miller herself; topics touched on include her recent trip to China, her numerous health issues, and how much she loves Twitter. After one audience member introduces himself, but before he has the chance to ask his question, she interrupts to show off LED-light signs that some of her Chinese fans have made for her.

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When the group breaks for lunch, I sit at a table with six other women. We introduce ourselves with our names and, of course, our zodiac signs. She was frustrated because it was January and the house had already been on the market for so long. When she shares this, the whole table — myself included — audibly responds with a collective noise of amazement.

Politics come up again and again. When I mention that Mike Pence is also a Gemini, there are murmurs throughout the room. Taurus sees beauty everywhere and takes the time to celebrate it.

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She loves cotton, cashmere, velvet and more, and favors neutral colors. She wants quality and the ability to mix and match anything with her lucky color pink — between seasons and years to come. She will love anything that gets her stylishly through a TSA pre-check. Cancer has a strong creative side and loves fashion — especially looks she can wear throughout the year.

Leo loves luxury and would rather have a handful of beautifully cut pieces than a closetful of lesser threads. She loves precious stones and gems, and her fascination with gold harks back to the link between Leo and royalty. Intelligent, discerning and practical, Virgo has an eye for detail, fit, quality and comfort. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, and seeks harmony and balance in all things.

She is the arbiter of taste — from the newest restaurant to the right mix of jewelry.

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Speaking of jewelry, Libra loves sparkles — especially on her shoes.