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His solve your all problems which are established in your life. So if you surfing the problem and want the solutions of problem then contact with the Love Marriage Specialist. His provide the complete solutions related to your problem. He provide you full satisfaction of your problems. Love is the symbol of trust and purity. Marriage means the relation is lawful identifying the combination of men and women as life partner.

When two mortal have a strong feeling of affection and they want to spend their whole life together. You can say, they want to convert their love in the form of marriage. But every coin has two sides that one is favorable and other is unfavorable. Sometimes the parents are agreeing for love marriage and some time they disappointed and not grant. You need a help of specialist. Love Marriage Specialist have the remedies for your parents and marriage.

He has proficiency of astrological science like puja, human and hawan. Occasionally the kundli have some fault in marriage house that create obstacles in your marriage but everything is feasible in this world. If Venus with Saturn or whether cruel, so man have several intimate relationship with women. These relationships do not live long mellow.

The end is bitter. If Venus joint or cruel rahu situation is excellent or there are many other strong sum of love marriage, so love match must be solemnized. Therefore many obstacles occur but it would have resulted in the form of marriage. For love marriage fifth, seventh and ninth part must relate internally.

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There should be mutual conjunction with their owners, sight or sum relocation. The first owner and eleventh planet make up the relation with the seventh and fifth house and if Venus associates with the ascendant, fifth or seventh house then love marriage takes place. The status of Venus and fifth guru is discussed the severity of love and stability. Venus in the Fifth part is established in pure form of love. The ones have pure soul. Fifth owner containing with mars or fifth house resolve with sins, then swizzle relationship between love, hypocrisy, selfishness and violence are such unwanted elements remain active.

At first instance , I was reluctant but later on I made up my mind to get consultation and surprisingly by following remedies , I had got job in stipulated time. I whole heartedly give my thanks to Kunal Ji for the serving human mankind through his sheer knowledge of astrology. I have been cheated by him.

Astologer kunal kumar on mh1 shraddha and saadhna cheat innocent people by making false claims. He is a fraud, cheater, liar and a thug. He do false claims and try to guess the financial status of the client so that he can charge him accordingly. He also doesn't have any expertise in astrology, he only knows some basics. Actually a roadside astrologer has better knowledge than him.

On the name of solutions he started suggesting me poojas and all for which he was charging lakhs. He also suggested my uncle for a pooja costing 5 lakh and forced him to make an advance. But thankfully he didn't came under his influence. Actually he is a thug. He advertise himself on tv and try to show himself as a great astrologer and fool the people. The kundli which he sells of rupees or is just a printout of computer software made kundli costing not more than rupees.

Even free kundli available on internet software are much better and accurate People like gd vashista, kunal kumar etc.

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Are all fraud people who do simply use kundli software and tv advertisement to make kundli and attract people all over making false fraud claims. Since i suffered and my money and time gone waste therefore i am using this forum to make people aware. Kunal kumar is fraud and normal person like us who simply read some books on astrology and using kundli software to fool people making boasting about his knowledge.

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Cheating and fraud in the name of astrology by Kunal Kumar Kunal kumar is a fraud, cheat and a big thug. He advertise himself to be a great astrologer but actually he doesn't have any deep knowledge of astrology. He only knows some basics. Even a roadside astrologer has better knowledge than him. He only has expertise in fooling people by his words.


He charge Rs. He only try to guess the financial status of the client and try to sell him costly stones or force you for some pooja for which he charge lakh. But once you deny he will start suggesting you for some cheaper solutions. His main motive is to pull out money form your pocket anyhow. The porduct which he sales on tv are totally garbage.

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The yantra which he sale for rs. It is easily available in Chawri Bazar Delhi. The Kundli which he sales is simply a computer software generated printout. It has nothing as he claim on TV. Even free software available online are more accurate. Fraud Plz guys i wld like to suggst u al!

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Dnt waste ur money on his upayes and poojas recommandated by him. They will 1st tell you something else and aftrwrds theyl do smthing else.. They are just making innocent people fool.. They will charge a good amount and you will be rewarded with ni result So plz guys dnt consult him. I would say if u r willing to spend some amount do give to needy people or help them instead of giving him..

Dev bhavishya darpan They insisted that of u tk this product then ur problem will solve within a few dats completely Said it ll priced and u give it in first month. N rest second mnth. Reality: Nothing happened. Called many a times in different numbers. Said bohot jaldi result milega. N the product they sent hardly rupees cost. Fully cheated. Please refund my money back. HE made wrong and false claims on tv. Cheating by giving false promises.